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Capital Improvement Financial Specialists

If your community has a funding need, you've come to the right place. Put our $8 Billion worth of funding experience to work for you today! Angie Brewer & Associates has assisted over 50 communities meet every type of capital project financing need since 1988. Don't let the ins and outs of funding frustrate you or delay your success. Let us take care of the heavy lifting for you. Our staff has amassed approximately 75 years of collective funding experience at the local, state, and federal levels. Our confidence stems from successes such as 99% of all applications ever filed have received funding awards. We are interested in the long-term viability of communities. Very few firms in any industry can claim that they have maintained their first client without a break in service. Actually, we can. Our selection to provide funding services for an unprecedented 33rd consecutive year to the City of Sarasota was recently completed.

Securing Funding Through

It's not enough to find and secure appropriate funding. With so many requirements to navigate it's easy to make a mistake and put your funding in jeopardy. That is, if it's not what you do everyday. Fortunately, we live and breathe funding day in and day out. It is our passion to help communities provide infrastructure projects at the lowest total cost of delivery. There are many facets to ensuring compliance with funding requirements such as Davis Bacon, MBE/WBE, and Buy American. Our expertise is recognized by many levels of government. For instance, Angie Brewer & Associates was recently selected to provide Davis Bacon Compliance Services for the State of Florida, Department of Community Affairs, and Weatherization Assistance Program. In fact, three independent reviewers each awarded 100 points out of 100 to Angie Brewer & Associates during the evaluation process. As a result, Training and Technical Assistance has been delivered throughout the WAP program.

Don't waste another minute struggling with how to secure and manage funding for your capital projects. We enjoy a challenge. Contact us today!

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